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Light and soft like the thin skin of an onion, the diaphanous paper of the Dressco letter set has a unique wrinkled feel. Diaphanous: a beautiful word and yet seldom used for materials that allow light to pass through them. The same type of paper was much loved for international mail during the era of typewriters. Nowadays, there are almost no manufacturers that continue to make this type of paper, but Dressco has re-created it to allow you to fully enjoy its unique texture.

Includes a ruled underlay sheet.

A trademark of TAKEO paper makers, Dressco was born from the idea of expanding how people can experience paper through rich textures and colors. The design of the Dressco line products is kept simple in order to emphasize the qualities of the paper.



Established in 1899, TAKEO Co. Ltd. opened its first paper-dedicated shop in Kyobashi-ku in Tokyo the same year. In the 1950s, TAKEO has begun research and development of fine papers that emphasize properties such as texture and color. TAKEO collaborates with paper manufacturers inside and outside of Japan to adopt state-of-the-art technology, as well as with leading designers of the next generation to stimulate creativity. The company is also an active promoter of paper culture in Japan, establishing the TAKEO Prize in 2002, which is intended to encourage and honor those working to develop and provide deeper insight into the visual communication field.




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