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What’s MA-MU?

Alina Rätsep is the curator of MAMU, a craft goods and unique goods purveyor.

MA-MU reconnects us with the joy of everyday things. Often useful. Always better-made. Created to last and endure. Objects that are made with respect for tradition and love for one’s craft. Objects to make a house a home. Artisanal, traditional, innovative. Object that through the simple acts of owning, holding and touching simply bring joy. Wholesome, genuine and honest.

The quiet quality of life.

What does “MA-MU” mean?

“MA-MU” was a sound that became a word. A sound a child made, impressed at the world around him. Over time, “MA-MU” came to be used to express fascination, point out curiosities, and describe amazement. “MA-MU” became an adjective and a noun in one. “MA-MU” became a feeling, one of wonderment. Wonderment at the world, as seen for the first time through the eyes of a new human who felt his way through every minute of every day, learning through experience, touch and feel. Looking at something seemingly simple and being completely taken by it is the essence of the sound of “MA-MU”.

MA-MU’s curator – and mother of the new human that brought MA-MU sound into this world – is Alina Rätsep.