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Colorful and undeniably handy, these pastel-toned sticky notes from Kanmido are great for marking the pages of study books, planners and notebooks. Never lose a page again!

Each color comes in its own holder case with an adhesive backing. Attach the case with your chosen color to the front or back of your workbook, and the sticky notes will always be on hand.

Due to their filmy surface, ballpoint pens, pencils, and permanent markers are best for writing on these sticky notes. Water-based inks may not write as well.

About the makers

Established in 1952 in Osaka, Kanmido started off as a red bean paste manufacturer – a far cry from the beautiful stationery products they are known for today. Starting the production of sticky notes in the 1980s, Kanmido now makes 15 different varieties of sticky notes and tapes in an array of colorways. All their products are manufactured domestically in Japan.


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