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This set of 12 color pencils by Holbein is an outstanding example of the quality of Holbein products. Each pencil has an extremely soft and buttery feel with a vibrant color laydown. Holbein uses high-grade pigments which exhibit little fading or discoloration by light. The mixture of oils, waxes, fats and premium pigments results in a very thick layer of color that is vivid and permanent. The result is a unique experience that has to be tried to be appreciated.

Housed in a metal tin, Holbein Artists’ Pencils have a comfortable 7.8 mm round barrel with a thick 3.8 mm core. They can be used together with watercolors or acrylic paints and work well on any type of paper. The pencils come pre-sharpened and require a high-quality sharpener because of their softness.

About the makers

Founded on September 1, 1900, Holbein manufactures paint and painting supplies of exceptional performance, admired by artists worldwide. The founder, Minekichi Yoshimura, established Minekichi Yoshimura Shoten in Nakanoshima, Osaka, and operated at first as a wholesaler and retailer of stationery products. 

Shortly after the company was founded, it began manufacturing metal stationery clips using local craftsmen, soon branching out into making Western-style bound notebooks, which he called Daigaku, and Western-style painting materials and stationery. 
Today, Holbein uses over 200 types of pigments producing 164 colors for oil painting and 108 colors for watercolor painting.


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