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Using techniques handed down since the Edo period (hence the name), Edo brooms are made using bamboo for the handle and a special type of sorghum, or “broom corn”, for the bristles.

The lightness, the way it fits the hand, and the perfect amount of flex are all the features these types of brooms are particularly praised for. Multifunctional, its original purpose is to effectively sweep all types of indoor floor surfaces: from tatami mats to carpets and wooden flooring.

When making an Edo broom, the craftsmen take their time to choose the fibers with a balance of stiffness and flexibility. With use, the ends of the bristles might get frayed, but simply trimming them off with scissors will restore the broom to its previous top form.

Over time, as the bristles become shorter, the broom can be switched to outdoor use. If used properly, an Edo broom will last its owner for at least ten years.

One of the master weavers of the Edo brooms shares his thoughts:

“Sweeping not only cleans the floor but also clears your head. Cleaning the floor yourself corner to corner with a broom that fits well in your hands simultaneously clears and enriches the mind.”


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