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Manufactured in Japan by KAMENOKO-TAWASHI Nishio-Shoten Co,.Ltd., a company founded in 1907 and with a focus on producing natural, handle-free brushes for daily use. The development of these brushes coincided with the need for cleaning and scrubbing power when soap and detergent were a scarcity in early 20th century Japan. The result is a brush that’s suited exceptionally well to dislodge debris and leftovers. It’s the perfect item for kitchen use on vegetables, cast iron pots, or surfaces. Made from natural sisal fibers from the agave sisalana plant that are a tough, it is a natural alternative to the never ending plastic mass offered by most brush manufacturers.

“KAMENOKO”/亀の子 means baby turtle and tawashi/たわし means brush. Most of the brushes made by Kamenoko Tawashi have the general shape of a little turtle, which is why the first president of the company chose this particular name. Both water and turtles are auspicious things in many Eastern cultures: that hasn’t been wasted in Kamenoko Tawashi’s products or identity either. These brushes highlight a particularly puzzling conundrum in today’s kitchens. Most people keep a pack of artificial sponges under their sinks, both because they are cheap and because they gather bacteria so quickly that they should be replaced often. The reality about their replacement, as well as the straight to the landfill nature of those sponges is less than ideal. Kamenoko brushes are easy to clean, healthier to use than the most popular sponges, and they don’t contribute to single use plastic waste.


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