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hibi Incense Matches combine two of Hyogo prefecture’s traditional crafts: the famous Harima matches and the incense of Awaji island. Each box contains 8 incense matches; to light the incense, simply strike on the outside of the box just like a normal match. The burning incense can then be laid on the heat-resistant mat that comes with the box, where it will provide approximately 10 minutes of delightful room scent.

About the maker:

hibi started in 2011 when two heritage brands from the Hyogo Prefecture (Kobe Match Corp. and Daihatsu Incense Corp.) decided to collaborate on a product that would breathe new life into their respective trades.

The Daihatsu Corporation has an 80-year history in incense production. The use of incense in Japan started when incense was offered as a religious offering (9th century A.D.). Today, incense is an integral part of everyday life in Japan. Awaji Island, the area of the Hyogo Prefecture that Daihatsu operates out of, accounts for up to 70% of the country’s incense production.

The Kobe Match Corporation was founded in 1929 after match production on the island boomed following Europeans introducing the new fire-starting technology to Japan during the Meiji Era (late 1800s). Since then, Kobe Match endured to help keep this local industry alive. Unfortunately, the use of matches has declined in our modern era, but brands like Kobe are still passionate about keeping their tradition alive.


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