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Simple low-gauge rib socks knitted with organic Supima cotton yarn by the Hoffmann brand in Nara, Japan. 

About the makers:

Hoffmann socks brand is owned by Yamaya Corporation, which opened the first Hoffmann sock factory in Nara, Japan, in 1994. 
Based in Kōryō (広陵町Kōryō-chō),  a town located in Nara Prefecture, Yamaya Corp has been knitting socks since 1921 and has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. The town of Kōryō itself has a fascinating history. It served as Japan’s temporary capital from 640-642 AD, and the town’s name literally translates as “many tombs,” as the town has one of the highest concentrations of kofun (literally “ancient grave,” a megalithic tomb) in Japan. While being a mere 16.34 km² in size, Koryo produces 40% of all Japan’s socks.


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