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Saredo/されど socks are made in Nara/奈良 from recovered cotton discarded from other production processes and knitted using wider yarns than most other socks. The socks are made using a rare-vintage 64 needles 2 cylinders machine at a socks factory in Koryo-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun, Nara prefecture, and finished by links stitch (texture pattern). Old-fashioned knitting machines are a welcome trend that seems to be catching on due to the better longevity resulting from some of these older, slower processes.

These socks are made of thread dyed using a special technique called speck-dyeing that produces a blur-like effect of a speckle, that occurs by design due to the handwork. Therefore color differences are one-of-a-kind, with marble-like unevenness due to the difference between the dark and light dye areas.


About the maker:

The Saredo company was conceptualized around 2012 and started production activities after 2014. It was founded by Ariatsu Kayazawa and Ryoko Kayazawa, who focused on photography and the all-important knitting. Ariatsu’s father runs the Kayazawa company that makes threads and yarn used by the sock industry in Nara, so this is indeed a family affair.

Saredo means “nonetheless” or “but,” and it is actually a kind of acronym, as described by Ariatsu and Ryoko Kayazawa:
S Sustainable, meaning that the process can be continued indefinitely without destroying the environment and maintaining the status quo.
AAlternative, Another (Better) Choice
RERenovation, Innovation, repair. The value that existing things have at the time of completion. Creating new value while respecting, regenerating, and reconstructing.
DODomestically made in Japan, self-made in accordance with the DIY spirit.

What story do your socks tell?


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