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This spacious laundry bag features a wide bottom and a wide opening at the top, which means it stands on its own as you load and unload the laundry. When not in use, the bag can be folded down flat.
The washed paraffin cotton fabric has a nice feel and texture to it, at the same time letting the bag water repellent properties. The top of the bag has an integrated piano wire wrapped inside a plastic cover, which holds the beautifully curved shape of the bag’s mouth.

Although the bag is designed for transporting laundry to the laundromat and back (coin laundries are very popular in Japan), this bag is big enough to fit grocery shopping and sturdy enough to transport pretty much anything bulky.

Bags by Bagworks Co. are durable and functional, made to be used daily for long periods of time.

About the makers

Founded in 1954 in Motomachi, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, Bagworks Co., Ltd. proudly note that Toyooka is the only city in Japan where you can see storks, a “natural monument”. Toyooka also happens to be one of the leading production areas of bags in Japan.

Since its founding Bagworks Co. has earned a name for itself as a maker of specialized bags, all of which stem from a straightforward desire to create “bags for work”. Designed to be used in everyday life, making use of the functions and characteristics of bags specialized for each occupation, the bags are designed according to the models of functional business bags of various professions. For example, “POSTMAN” is modeled after a bag used by a postman. “DOCTORMAN” is an old-school doctor’s bag.

The company puts focus on utility, durability, and minimalistic functional design, which is why their products are admired across Japan, from engineers to boy scouts. In all that they do, the end goal is simple – to become “the most decent bag shop in the world.”

Bagworks Co. believes that credibility is the most important element for the business. A great deal of trust is required to create a bag that satisfies the needs of the client.


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