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Made of rice bran wax, a hard yellow wax extracted from the otherwise wasted husk and germ of rice, these clean-burning 80mm candles will gift you 40 min burn time each, making them perfect for meditation or as a beautiful timer. The rice bran wax is harder than other waxes; therefore, it burns longer, drips less, and has less smoke and smell when blown out. The wax also produces a larger and brighter flame than modern paraffin candles. 

The wicks are made of washi paper, rolled around a rush skewer, and the body is built up by rotating the washi-wrapped skewer in the right hand whilst the hot wax is smoothed about the shaft with the left — a traditional candle-making art known as kiro-tegake-seiho — before the top is shaped and the rush is removed, leaving a hollow core. 



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