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Warousoku/和蝋燭 are Japanese candles made with 100% natural sumac wax. The candle wicks are made of washi paper, rush stalks and silk fibers and are hollow inside, making them burn a larger and brighter flame than traditional candles. Because of the nature of the sumac wax and the way these candles are made, they also produce less smoke, almost no wax drippings, and are virtually odorless.

Using a technique called “Tegake”, the master craftsman begins making candles by applying wax to the wick by hand and then drying it, and then applying more wax again, over and over, until the candle is complete. 

The Daiyo family company, which makes these candles, was founded in 1914 in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Now in the fourth generation, Daiyo’s candles are known nationwide in Japan for their quality and beauty. All Daiyo candles are elaborately handcrafted by master craftsmen who have mastered the traditional way of making candles, of which only ten remain in Japan.


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