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These 6 well-made color Midori pencils come in three mild colors, Gray, Light Blue and Orange, offering a perfect balance between aesthetics and productivity. The slightly convex, uncapped end reveals a perfectly centered core, and the pencils sharpen nicely with a whiff of cedar. For those who love great craftsmanship and the feel of a good pencil, this color set is for you.

While simple on the surface the pencils have been carefully crafted to perform. The three shades offer you enough versatility to sketch out ideas in color, and the classic B lead grade maintains the balance between soft and hard applications.

Please note, pencils come unsharpened.

About the makers

MIDORI MD is a Japanese stationery brand that began as a producer of writing paper and envelopes in the 1960s. Exceptionally fine, the Midori paper is produced at a mill that undertakes every aspect of its manufacture, from pulping to drying and final rolling. The process has hardly changed in over 50 years.


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