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The Ceramic Cubic Candle Stand is made from porcelain and iron and has been lovingly crafted by Daiyo for over a hundred years. Made to use with the traditional Japanese candles warosuku that feature a hollow center for setting on the stand.

Measures approx. 3cm across. For smaller candles: you do not need to push down the candle until it reaches the bottom of the stand. When the candle naturally stops and does not go down any further, it is in the right place. They’re designed to sit a little bit higher up the stand.

About the maker:

The Daiyo family company was founded in 1914 in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Now in the fourth generation, they produce authentic Japanese candles that are known nationwide for their quality and beauty. All Daiyo candles are elaborately handcrafted by master craftsmen using traditional methods and exclusively from vegetable waxes. It is said that there are only ten master craftsmen left in Japan who have mastered this traditional way of making candles.



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