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These graphite Midori pencils have a subtle matte finish with simple branding, perfectly matching the vanilla ice cream off-white of the Midori MD notebooks. The slightly convex, uncapped end reveals a perfectly centered core, and the pencils sharpen nicely with a whiff of cedar. Graphite quality is predictably consistent and flawless. Somewhat softer than an average B-Grade pecil, these nevertheless produce beautiful shading and a solid dark line for sketching or writing. Pencils come unsharpened.

About the makers

MIDORI and the MD Paper Products brand are synonymous with Japanese stationery and stationery products. Midori began producing letter writing paper and envelopes in 1950. In 1952, they introduced the business diary/ビジネスダイアリ product and took their first orders from automotive manufacturing companies. Exceptionally fine, the Midori paper is produced at a mill that undertakes every aspect of its manufacture, from pulping to drying and final rolling. The main paper making process has hardly changed in over 70 years.


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