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Printed with a light grey dot grid to serve as a convenient guide when writing. The simple and minimalist foil-stamped cover adds a touch of elegance to this everyday notebook. The discreet foil stamping on the soft blue cover adds an extra touch of luxury, while the blue paper itself is soft to the touch – perfect for those who appreciate both function and style.


About the makers

MIDORI and the MD Paper Products brand are synonymous with Japanese stationery and stationery products. Midori began producing letter-writing paper and envelopes in 1950. In 1952, they introduced the business diary/ビジネスダイアリ product and took their first orders from automotive manufacturing companies. Exceptionally fine, the Midori paper is produced at a mill that undertakes every aspect of its manufacture, from pulping to drying and final rolling. The main paper-making process has hardly changed in over 70 years.

Pulp – the type of wood used for the pulp changes the texture and hardness of the finished paper. MD PAPER is made of hardwood pulp.

Water – water is highly important in paper manufacturing. Midori MD carefully filters river water for the utmost purity. Because natural water changes in viscosity depending on the season, Midori MD also makes sure to adjust its refining process to accommodate each season’s changes in water quality and ensure a perfect finish.

Color – the coloring process happens when the pulp is broken down. The unique, light-beige color of MD PAPER is born of refined craftsmanship that ensures there are not even the tiniest variations, leaving the pulp in a fibrous, oatmeal-like state once the process is complete.

Pulp to paper – when traditional Washi paper is made, a sieve-like tool called a sugeta is used to scoop materials out of the water and is then lightly shaken to filter out the material. Midori MD uses a similar process when making its paper, evenly spreading the base pulp over wires rotating at high speed.

Rolling – once the moisture is removed, the paper is heated and dried before being sent through hard pressure rollers to be flattened out, rolled and cut into sheets, completing the paper-making process.

Inspection – the Midori MD chief craftsman rigorously inspects the end product to ensure both the appearance and texture are of the same outstanding quality.



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