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This is not your average roll of translucent tape. Designed by the iconic stationery brand CDT and manufactured by the adhesive tape pioneer NICHIBAN Co., Ltd., it’s made from cellulose and coated with an adhesive composed mostly of natural gum on one side. The other side is printed with a CDT signature original pattern: the Sanada-Himo motif inspired by traditional braiding, which also appears on the other CDT stationery products. Sanada tape adds a unique element to gift wrapping and is used for crafts and decoration.

What is cellulose tape?

Nichiban is the developer and manufacturer of CELLOTAPE™, a long-established brand of transparent cellulose tape that has been a trusted product in Japanese households for over 70 years. Made from wood pulp, a recyclable plant resource, and widely trusted and loved all over the world, Nichiban’s tape is unlike most other packaging tapes that are normally made from petroleum. It is soft and flexible and can be cut with scissors or a tape dispenser, but it is just as easy to tear off the pieces by hand, which makes it irreplaceable in schools, homes and offices.

About the makers

Established in 2005 in Tokyo, Japan, CDT benchmarks the new standard in the quality of everyday objects by merging together Craft, Design, and Technology (hence the name – CDT). The company is renowned for marrying modern design with traditional Japanese craft to create high-quality stationery products. Their products are designed in Tokyo and London and produced in collaboration with a variety of Japanese stationery companies.

CDT works under a threefold code that emphasizes colors like traditional Japanese byakuroku (a shade of light green), patterns derived from Edo-period textiles, and angles inspired by the Golden Ratio to create instantly-iconic stationery with striking silhouettes.

Nichiban was first established in 1918 in Minami-Shinagawa, Tokyo, under the name Utahashi Pharmaceutical Office, that manufactured adhesive plasters and ointments. In 1947 the company started to manufacture cellophane adhesive tape (registered trademark “CELLOTAPE” in Japan), paper adhesive tape, and other industrial adhesive tapes while expanding the research department and production facilities. In 1983 Nichiban launched its Central Research Laboratory to keep perfecting existing and developing new products.


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