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This sturdy round cast iron sukiyaki pot features a beautiful curved double handle and high sides. Although originally designed to prepare a traditional Japanese hot pot dish – known as sukiyaki – it is perfect for making a wide variety of recipes. Cast iron pans are unique in their ability to distribute heat evenly, which makes for an optimal cooking experience and perfect results. Stylish and practical, this beautiful pot will take the place of pride in your kitchen.

Suitable for all stove types.


Founded in 1902 by Sueyoshi Iwashimizu, Iwachu is one of the biggest names in cast iron cookware. Best known for its iron teapots – or tetsubin – Iwachu produces every piece of ironware following traditional iron craftsmanship practices. Located in Iwate, Japan.

Please read before using your new IWACHU pan.

Before the first use, rinse the pan well. Then heat it on the stovetop to dry completely. Once the pan is dry, add a small amount of oil (teaspoon) and heat over medium heat for a minute. Turn off the heat and leave the oil to cool. Once cooled, pour off any excess oil and, using kitchen paper, wipe the remainder around the surface and outside of the pan to coat it.

Cleaning your new IWACHU cast iron. 

Once the pan is cool, rinse well with warm water. If food is stuck or burnt onto the pan, soak it in hot water for a few moments, and it will come off. Do not use washing-up liquid. Once the pan is clean, wipe it thoroughly with a towel or kitchen paper so that it’s completely entirely dry. Rub a very light layer of cooking oil on the surface and outside of the pan to coat. Hang or store in a dry place.

Important safety information – Please read before using pan

Do not touch the handle directly, as it will heat up during cooking. Place a towel, a mitt or a thicker cloth around the panhandle to avoid burning your hand.

Do not place the pan directly into cold water after cooking, as the pan could crack.

Do not drop because the pan could crack.

Do not use metallic spatulas for cooking or metal scourers for cleaning since there is a risk of scratching the surface.

Do not put it in a dishwasher or leave it on a dryer rack to drip dry.

If you cook with an electric hob or with induction heating, increase the heat gradually from low to medium.




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