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This fine wooden spatula made from sakura wood (cherry) has a functional and eye-catching curve to aid in preparation, serving, or cleanup. Yamasakura (Mountain Cherry Tree) grows in the northern region of Hiroshima Prefecture and is an excellent raw material for ladles and spatulas. Cherry wood is hard yet elastic and can easily withstand long-term use.

Measures 30.5 cm long from the handle end to the curved tip. With use, the cherry wood will take on a more reddish shade, turning beautiful caramel color.


Miyajima Kogei Seisakusho manufactures wooden kitchen tools on the island of Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Founded in the mid-Meiji period, the company started out making square trays and, in the early Showa period, began making wooden rice scoops.
When manufacturing items, importance is placed on ease of use and longevity. Wood from Chugoku and Kyushu is mainly used as the raw material. Each individual item is shaped using a router and a chamfering machine and then polished by hand.

Miyajima Kogei Seisakusho is dedicated to creating durable and functional tools with beautiful features that become more nuanced the more they are used. Use with love for a long time.


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