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This is a BIFL (Buy It For Life) peeler, you can forget about other peelers. If that was your wish, your wish is granted. If it wasn’t, then here is the peeler you didn’t know you needed, but you need it. We won’t try to tell you about all you can do with a good peeler, but you can bet that peeling carrots isn’t the end of it. There’s also slicing thin curls off your favorite cheese, making ingredients for cocktails, admiring it’s craftmanship as you pat yourself on the back, and so on and so forth.

What about when the blade is finally dulled after so much enthusiastic peeling? Replacing the blade is not expected anytime soon, but clever utility was built in during the manufacturing process. All peelers made by this workshop are made with the same frame, so that blade replacement is a matter of getting the part, way down the line when you need it. The process by which each peeler is made is worth noting: each peeler is made from a round bar of steel that is formed through pressure, not mold fabricated. Not surprisingly, this peeler was made in made in Tsubame city/燕市, Niigata prefecture/新潟県, a city and area known for its production of excellent steel tools and cutlery. Tsubame is famously know as the source of the cutlery used in the annual Nobel banquet in the Stockholm city hall in Stockholm, Sweden. There are so many uses for a spatula like this that will last for years. What will you use it for first?


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